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Introducing NEW Rainbow Ombre Blankie Tails!!

July 20, 2016

Bristol, PA – (July 20, 2016) – Blankie Tails™ (BT), pioneers of the original mermaid and shark blanket, today announced the debut of a limited edition, Rainbow Ombre Mermaid Blankie Tails™. Thanks in part to the overwhelming response via social media and praise from publications such as,, and, which touted BT as “most desired gift item of 2015”, the latest tail launch is slated to be one of the hottest gift items this Fall. Blankie Tails™ unprecedented success carved out a brand new product category ‘Mermaid Blankets’ within the world of consumer goods, and now BT plans to up the ante by combining three of today’s hottest trends: rainbows, ombre design, and mermaids in it’s striking new release.

“I am beyond thrilled that consumers have fallen in love with Blankie Tails™ and can't wait to share our most colorful and mermazing Blankie Tails™ to date,” said chief mermaid enthusiast and one of the founders of Blankie Tails™, Hattie Grace Peze. “Rainbows symbolize many things: love, equality, happiness, optimism. With the world currently enduring such dark times, it’s no wonder rainbow ‘everything’ has become a huge trend. On top of being visually enchanting, there’s something to be said of the happiness and hope rainbows symbolize, so I’m extremely excited on many levels at our latest Blankie Tails™ debut and have no doubt our customers will be as well.”

Blankie Tails™ has helped hundreds of thousands of kids, parents and teens transform into mermaids sans surgery. Its premium-grade, super soft double sided minkyfleece, makes the thoughtfully sewn body and tail of this blanket unrivaled in quality. Releasing fresh and innovative designs that respond to the latest trends, cements BT as a burgeoning brand in a marketplace and category Blankie Tails™ created and continues to be a leader throughout.

The Rainbow Ombre Blankie Tails™ will be available for a limited time only starting today and exclusively via the company website Rainbow Ombre Blankie Tails range in price from $39.95 for kids to $44.95 for teen/adult.


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